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Cervical Polypectomy
Polyps are small growths in the cervix that are almost always due to
an infection in the cervical glands and may have been present for many years. Cervical polypectomy is the surgical removal of these polyps. This treatment
takes place in the outpatient clinic.

Polyps can tend to recur so Mr Thonet often also performs a cervical cryocautery
at the same time.

Polypectomy followed by cryocautery often results in quite a heavy watery
discharge for about two weeks while the cervix heals, which Mr Thonet can
discuss with you at a consultation. Ideally you should avoid driving immediately
after the procedure and avoid sexual intercourse for approximately three weeks
while the cervix heals.

Mr Thonet can discuss the exact nature of your treatment, including procedure
details, recovery times and any possible side-effects at a consultation. This will reflect your exact circumstances and needs. The information included here is provided for general guidance only.

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